Beach Wedding Ceremony 11/14/15

I played the music for a beautiful beach wedding ceremony on November 14, 2015. The location was the beautiful Boca Bay Pass Club in Boca Grande, FL. Boca Grande is a popular location for destination weddings along Florida’s west coast and a favorite among residents of the St. Louis area. The majority of the wedding ceremonies that I play music for are destination beach weddings.

My routine for beach weddings is fairly consistent. The first step in this process is to position my speakers in a location so that everyone can hear the music, but the sound is not overbearing in any one location. I do this by using a wireless connection to the speakers and elevating them to a height in order to float the sound over the guests. I also do not want to obstruct the view of the staging for the ceremony. Beach weddings usually incorporate the Gulf of Mexico as the backdrop. I generally place the speakers to the side of the ceremony so that they do not appear in photographs. They’re attractive looking, but they should not be a distraction to the wedding party. I should also mention that my PA equipment is self-powered so there is no need for electricity. Perfect for destination beach weddings.

Once I’m all set with the position of my equipment, I do a sound check and begin playing while the wedding guests arrive.

I make recommendations for the music for each beautiful beach wedding based on the wishes of the bride and groom. When selecting music for weddings, it’s also important to give advice. If a musical choice by the bride or groom doesn’t match their theme, I’ll provide alternative suggestions.

I play instrumental guitar music for weddings and for this beautiful beach wedding, I played pieces by Bach, Dowland, and Pachelbel. The Canon in D by Pachelbel is a favorite among brides for their processional and was the bride’s choice for this particular beach wedding as well.

After the beach wedding ceremony, I played music for the cocktail hour reception as well. I change the repertoire to include popular music styles such as tunes by Stevie Wonder, The Beatles and John Legend.

This was the first beach wedding that the photographer used a drone for aerial video coverage. I was surprised by the sight of the drone, but kept playing to keep the mood together.

Although the weather for this beach wedding was overcast, it was still beautiful and the clouds kept things cool.

It’s a blessing to be a part of the festivities for these beach weddings along Florida’s beautiful West Gulf Coast.

Beach Wedding Ceremony Boca Bay Pass Club 11/14/15

Beach Wedding Ceremony Boca Bay Pass Club 11/14/15