Wedding Pros White Party

I was recently selected to provide cocktail hour music for The Wedding Pros White Party at The Francis, a local wedding and dining venue located at 1289 Palm Avenue in Sarasota Florida. The group consisted of many Sarasota area wedding professionals – planners, officiants, bakers, chefs, florists, photographers, chauffeurs, DJs and venue managers.

This event allowed me the opportunity to showcase my talent in front of my colleagues and their guests. Keeping this in mind, I decided to play solo guitar jazz and popular arrangements of my favorite tunes. As a performer,  you have to realize that by filling the venue with upbeat and exciting music, you have a direct impact on the mood of the event.

I was positioned at the entrance to the ballroom and as the guests passed by, many commented on the music in a flattering way. For some guets it was their first chance to hear me play. I was able to position my two Roland BA330 speakers so that the music filled the entire lobby space where I was located. I used my Hagstrom HL 550 jazz guitar and chose upbeat tunes like “Satin Doll,”  “Isn’t  She Lovely” and “Watermelon Man.” I was also happy to pause between tunes to answer any questions that other wedding professionals had about my services.

The Wedding Pros White Party was an event set up and publicized on Facebook. The event was called “The White Party”  and was titled as such because all of the guests wore white. The publicity both prior to and after the event proved extremely valuable in boosting my profile among fellow wedding professionals.

This was the first of many annual wedding professional events. These will occur during the lull in our destination wedding season – when it’s too hot in Florida to have an outdoor wedding.