Intimate Home Wedding

Some of my couples decide to skip traditional wedding venues and have a home wedding ceremony. An intimate home wedding is a good choice for couples who try to budget their expenditures and provide a personal and intimate touch. The intimate wedding ceremony in the home can include all the formality and dignity as any other wedding.

I recently provided the music for a home wedding which included a prelude portion, the exchange of vows and a recessional. The music chosen by the couple included Canon in D as their special tune. I used two different instruments for this intimate home wedding. I began by playing prelude music on a classical guitar about a half hour beforehand. Occasionally the prelude for this wedding ceremony was interrupted by guests ringing the door bell. The couple would then welcome the guests into their home as they arrived and personally escort them to the great room, where the home wedding ceremony would take place. A more personal and intimate way of greeting guests than guests just arriving at a venue site.

When all the guests were present, the couple took their place in front of their beautiful fireplace and their ceremony began. The officiant began by welcoming everyone to the service, and the couple thanked relatives and friends who traveled to be a part of their special day. A beautiful and personal exchange of vows capped off a short but poignant introduction by the officiant.

The recessional followed and then I switched instruments to my jazz guitar and began playing pop tunes and American songbook favorites. The couple specifically requested jazz guitar music for the dinner portion of their home wedding as the groom was also a guitar player and enjoyed solo jazz guitar playing.

The guests were cordial and complimentary of both my classical guitar playing and my jazz guitar playing. One guest commented on my arrangements of the jazz guitar tunes noting how I added to the tune to make it unique sounding.

I enjoyed all the aspects of this home wedding and look forward to playing at another home wedding in the future.

Home Wedding

Home Wedding